All the tickets for the worldchampionships for Icelandic horses in 2021 are sold over, including those for the camping area.

Prices are

Partout tickets under roof (whole week)
Section A1-A6, D1-D6
Adult: DKK 1.650,00 (~EUR 220)
Child 5-16 years: DKK 825,50 (~EUR 110)

Friday-Sunday under roof
Section A1-A6, D1-D6Adult: DKK 1.425,00 (~EUR 190)
Child 5-16 years: DKK 712,50 (~EUR 95)

Payment on works best with a creditcard.

There are no country blocks, since we are one big Icelandic horse family. So you can get your ticket wherever you want.

More information can be found here:

In case you have any questions, which can’t be answered through the information available please contact: